Samarasinghe (Piyadigama) Elders’ Home
Bope Road, in the Piyadigama area not far from the mosque.
12 elderly men.
There is a need for groups of volunteers to make up a working party every 2 – 4 weeks to help with cleaning the home and washing sheets. Equipment is available for this task. Cleaning and washing may seem menial tasks, but showing these old men that someone cares enough to do this for them is a great gift.
The elders would also benefit from volunteers being prepared to play darts, carrom and cards with them. These have been provided at their home via a volunteer’s donation. 

Van Reeth Elders’ Home
Kandaywattha Road, Galle
This home has up to 75 residents – both male and female. Van Reeth Elders' Home is provided and run by Catholic nuns. The home takes elderly people of all faiths.
The need here is for volunteers to play carrom, cards, bingo, snakes and ladders and ludo with the elderly people. Some of the elderly also like to do art; materials are available for this.  
In addition, you can help with hand and limb massage, nail clipping, hair cutting, assistance with shaving (mirrors in store), chiropody, physiotherapy, and sore treatment. Generally showing them kindness and attention will improve the quality of their lives.

Sambodhi – home for homeless disabled people

Sambodhi is a home for physical and/or intellectual disabled homeless people. Sambodhi was founded in 1964 and takes care of 47 individuals between 7 and 75 years old.
The residents’ stories in the Sambodhi Home are varied; some are abandoned by their family because of their disability and others were put aside due to the family’s lack of money. 
With limited staff and resources, residents generally have to take care of each other in their daily tasks. As a volunteer you should not try to change this; you can only try to teach them a way they may be able to do it better. It is important to leave the responsibility with the residents, because when you leave, they must do it on their own again.
For the youngest children there is school in the morning, but the other residents don’t really have a day structure except the moments they eat together and have tea times twice a day. As a volunteer you can help the residents by contributing to their daily life, like helping them with creative activities, and playing games. There are also possibilities for physiotherapists to assist in the home.