This is a Government Custodial Home for young girls between the ages of 11-18. It is located very close to the ‘VSL’ Volunteer house. The young girls placed in this residential home by the courts have been violently or sexually abused, and are housed there for their own protection and safety. They come from many different areas of Sri Lanka, are from different religious backgrounds and their educational ability varies. 
On a daily basis, they are taught a range of both academic and vocational subjects by the school’s teachers. Volunteers are needed to support teachers. 
Only female volunteers are accepted onto this project due to the vulnerable nature of the girls. Volunteers teach written and spoken English, and also Mathematics in a three hour block in the morning.
It is the responsibility of the volunteers to produce a structure that will engage and encourage the youngsters to learn and make progress and achieve personal goals whilst working together. Resources, which an be sought at a low cost locally, need to be provided by volunteers and taken to the home and brought back each day. 
There is a need to be flexible, adaptable and creative, and plan according to the needs and capabilities of the students. Generally, a small group of volunteers will work together to plan and pool their resources, their ideas and expertise. 
Overall, working at the Girls Home is highly rewarding, and means so much to the girls who are detained there. In order to establish a bond between the young detainees and the volunteers, it is recommended that volunteers remain for at least a month. These young girls need support to regain self-worth and individual respect which in many cases has been removed and left them feeling powerless.
These vulnerable youngsters are an extremely needy group whose trust and loyalty once gained, leaves a lasting imprint on one’s mind and heart. They are so deserving of an opportunity to succeed and be successful, because many of them have high aspirations.