We have a variety of schools that require volunteers to teach English and other subjects. They include:

Thotagoda School   ages 11 – 17
This is a semi-rural school, just a short bus or tuk tuk ride from the accommodation. 
At this school, generally two volunteers work together usually in Grades 5 and 6. Volunteers mainly teach spoken English. However, staff recently sought help with creating murals for the school walls. 
In the past, volunteers have also donated and built the school a pit latrine, thus showing the essential need for practical DIY skills. 


The Sacred Heart Girls School  ages 6 - 18
Kandaywattha Road, Galle

This is a very large Government school which has a small amount of church funding. Pupil intake is restricted as the school tries to take pupils whose parents are committed to providing the supportive environment children need to make the most of their education.
We are very keen to continue supporting this school because the staff are very motivated. They take on board all input from volunteer teachers and incorporate it into their methodology and curriculum. Therefore, your support will be long lasting. 
Volunteers can teach a range of subjects including English, maths, science, drama & dance.
Some of the children at the school have learning disabilities and other special needs, including pupils that are deaf and mute. Volunteers are invaluable, as children with disabilities can often be marginalised in Sri Lanka; therefore, your work can do wonders for their self-esteem and morale. They are lovely girls who inspire everyone who works with them.

Ananda School    ages 5 - 17
Kitulampitiya Road (near Hirimbura Cross Road)
The school's volunteer coordinator teacher helps place volunteers in the most appropriate classroom. In any school, volunteers should not teach classes without a teacher present unless they are extremely confident. Children are children everywhere and they may take advantage of your lack of Sinhala!


Sulaimanya Muslim School
This school is at Galagediya Junction about 500 yards from the accommodation.
The aim of this project is to help build bridges between the local communities of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. Volunteers will work with Grades 1 and 2, teaching spoken English.
A TESL programme is available in the volunteer resource area. Volunteers can use this, record what has been covered within each class, to ensure continuity and consistency. Please seek out these records and the TESL programme before you commence teaching.


Haliwala Muslim Primary School English Teaching Project
Volunteer Sri Lanka is pleased to have formed a partnership with Haliwala Muslim Primary School to teach English Language to children in Grades 1 – 4 & Grade 6 & 7.
Haliwala Muslim Primary School is based in Galle. There are a total of approximately 147 children in the school, across grades 1 – 9 with one teacher for each grade. Currently they do not have a permanent English teacher, therefore your support is much valued.
Volunteers from VSL attend the school three times a week. They provide the children in each grade with two sessions of English per week following the school curriculum. They also provide after school English, which is mainly conversational for students in grades 6-8.
The school has a healthy culture including play and fun and this comes across in the faces of these delightful children.


Temple Schools
Many of the Buddhist monks speak very little English and volunteers are needed to teach novice monks. Many of the temple schools also welcome poor children from the local community to join the classes. Class sizes tend to be small and for children aged 6 -18 years old.