Do you love turtles? Here at Turtle Beach, you can swim with the turtles and visit the Sea Turtle Hatchery. 

Please note: the whole area along the coast, adjacent to the Project, was devastated by the Tsunami. Most of the coastline of Sri Lanka was affected. The Unawatuna Beach to Periliya areas were devastated. Please be aware that, when talking to locals about it, you will find that some will gently encourage you to give them money. Please don’t be offended. They have been through a lot, and it is just human nature to ask those who are so wealthy compared to themselves. It is kind to listen when people want to tell you, as every telling contributes to healing.

Look out for the signs of NGOs that helped and are still helping in the area. Many newly built houses have signs on them or flags showing the countries of the people and organisations that built them. Near Unawatuna beach is a boat yard where Austrians made new fishing boats for local fishermen whose boats were destroyed.